Raising the Collective Consciousness to Peaceful CoExistence.

Connie Kean is the kind of person who, simply through listening to you, brings healing and balance. When she shares insights it's always from a sacred deep centering, making it evident that she’s incredibly plugged in to not only life on earth, but all wisdom beyond. She’s been a friend and fellow world traveler for many years, and a person whose counsel I actively seek, and it is with great confidence and joy that I recommend others consider doing the same.

Mike Dooley

NY Times bestseller of Infinite Possibilities and Leveraging the Universe, TUT.com

Connie on Peaceful Coexistence


The Connie Kean Studio offers various services to further its mission. A summary of our offerings for groups and individuals is below.

Private Sessions

Individuals can work with Connie in various ways: through individual energy sessions or as a student on an ongoing monthly basis for further growth and personal evolution.

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If you’re interested in coming to see Connie, call 214-596-8521.

Programs & Education

Music & Meditation Events
Sunday Talks
Energy Work Classes
Various Programs
Reiki Level 1 & 2 Certifications

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These beliefs serve as the foundation of all we do:

    Peace is possible
    We are eternal, spiritual beings manifested in a body
    Everything is energy
    Our most important learning comes through our relationships
    Ultimately, the body heals itself
    We are all created equally
    Anything is possible when we are willing
    Mother Earth is a living thing, too!
    The same Life-force energy flows through you, the stars, the acorn, and all living things.


The Connie Kean Studio has served as a piano, calligraphy, and now energy work studio over its 40 years in operation. Learn more about the studio’s history >

If our beliefs resonate with you, and you would like more information or to book an energy session, call Connie at 214-596-8521.