Learn to Live Peacefully In The Present Moment Operating from Your Higher Self

Private Sessions with Connie

About the Session

This is not your basic one-time be-blissed-out Energy Treatment. This is a new Chapter in your Book of Life. This is an integral part of your work to be your Best Self serving Humankind;  the walk home to your Highest Self; the Evolution of your Soul.


The purpose of the energy work is to release old patterns, ancient belief systems, and stale, blocked, heavy energies from your system. This allows room for the pristine LifeForce energy to enter permeating your body, aura, chakras, meridians, and other energy systems.


This energy work is Divinely Designed for you by You. I ask permission to communicate with your Higher Self, we plug in, and all actions taken are based on decisions made by your Higher Self answering questions posed by me.

The LifeForce Energy has Its Own Intelligence. It directs me and guides my hands for the energy work. A constant stream of information comes in describing the purpose and nature of the work. I give voice to this non-stop commentary so you can hear it, too.


When the energy work is complete and I have answered the dozens of questions that came in during your session, I translate that vibrating, pulsating, mind-blowing, breath-taking, out-of-body, life-changing experience into words. I call it your Chapter. It is the next Chapter of your Life because you are no longer the person you were an hour ago. You are an energetically-expanded, Lighter YOU.


You are now expected to observe your New Self and track your progress. Be sure to make note of synchronicities, coincidences, and miracles. There will be many. There will be a follow up call within the next week. I encourage you to keep a journal of this experience and how it unfolds in your life for at least a month, if you do not already have a daily journaling practice.

Are you ready for the next step in your evolution?

Master Teachers: $5000/month

This is full access to Connie and to the Ascended Master Teachers and their Divine Guidance for you. Connie is your Practitioner supporting you at every level including daily prayer/meditation for your vision and your evolution. It includes weekly Energy Sessions to continually release energies that no longer serve your Highest Calling. This clears the way for pristine, LifeForce energy to permeate your body and energy systems allowing you to be open to new thought, new paradigms, and the new ideas that YOU are expected to bring into the earth realm to Expand Consciousness. You are a Master Teacher entrusted to Expand Thought which, ultimately, Raises the Collective Consciousness to Peaceful CoExistence. The Shift is happening. This is a program designed for you to be your Highest Functioning Self to serve Humanity.

This is now delivered via www.quantumenergyinfusion.com. If you would like to talk to Connie about the details of her new program, get on her calendar by booking a breakthrough session!


Connie Kean is the kind of person who, simply through listening to you, brings healing and balance. When she shares insights it's always from a sacred deep centering, making it evident that she’s incredibly plugged in to not only life on earth, but all wisdom beyond. She’s been a friend and fellow world traveler for many years, and a person whose counsel I actively seek, and it is with great confidence and joy that I recommend others consider doing the same.

Mike Dooley

NY Times bestseller of Infinite Possibilities and Leveraging the Universe, TUT.com

Your work was wonderful…so very loving and yet clear and concise. You were great at describing the imagery. But I especially loved that you started off with a prayer of surrendering the work to God. What could be better?

Michael Mirdad

World-Renowned Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Author, Grail Productions, A Course in Miracles, and More

​Connie has such joyful and loving energy – it is healing and exhilarating simply to be in the room with her! I have had the amazing pleasure of working with Connie, both in person and remotely, and she is able to clear out A LOT of energy during a single session! After Connie cleared my throat chakra, I felt about 50 lbs. lighter, and I felt like a new person – more free and confident than before. Since working with Connie, I have noticed increased synchronicities in my life, and I am attracting more of what I want. I can feel the love and peace that fill Connie’s body. She has this contagious blissful energy; she freely shares it with others, and it is a powerful healing force!

Meredith Brown

Emotional Weeding & Wholistic Healing, LLC

I don’t know how electricity works, but I sure am glad that Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison figured it out so that I can reap the benefits!  I don’t know how energy works but I sure am glad that Connie Kean does because I certainly am benefitting from having her work on me!  I met Connie on a vacation in Ireland and was attracted to her spirit and joy.  We reconnected at a seminar in Florida and again, she is so loving and open that I knew I needed her in my life.  Luckily we both live in Dallas and I have begun  sessions with her and I am amazed at my experiences during and since, that can only be attributed to the work she is led to do. I am continuing on my journey with her and know that if you can be open to new experiences and committed to reflection on what is changing in your life, you will also reap the benefits of her very sacred gift. 
Debra Larsen

I came to Connie before my 11th surgery and was in inexplicable physical and mental distress, hoping to find relief from both. 

During my session, I became quiet with the master who walks amongst us – Connie. While I was relaxing on her session table many AHA moments joined me. One word came to the forefront of my mind that summed up the last 10 life issues I had experienced. This ONE word came to my awareness loud and clear enabling the “why me/ why not me cycle” to leave. This cycle had run in my head for the last dozen years and has gone. 

The peace beyond all understanding that we are promised is with me now. I am eternally grateful to Connie for being the wonderful facilitator that she is.

P.S. I have been on this path of awareness for 35 years and had many “Out there” sessions with a variety of people. This tops the list.

Elexis Rice, PhD

Elexis Rice Consulting

I met Connie when she moved into the house next door to mine in 2008. I had her over one night and asked her what she thought about Jesus. She responded after a brief pause saying, “I think he is our elder brother who did it better than anybody.” I had been struggling with numerous things in my life, included the concept of and my connection to Jesus Christ, so her answer very much intrigued me. After spending more time with Connie as a neighbor, I realized that I wanted the same peace that Connie exuded in her life. I became a student of hers and have been studying with her since.

What I have learned from studying and working with Connie is how to remain peaceful and calm no matter what life throws at you, and how to accept and experience joy in every moment of every day. I have always said that if Connie could do for the rest of the world what she’s done for me, the world would be a better place. With that said, I recommend Connie 100% to anyone seeking a transformation in their life.

Chris Phelps

Founder of Campaign for Kindness, Creator of Tacky Box

I have worked with Connie personally through Reiki, and she was extremely helpful on my journey to becoming a Reiki master. She is a teacher’s teacher. Connie helped me set up my first Reiki classes, monitored them, and evaluated me as I grew in my teaching. She has helped me recognize problems, decide what to do to solve them, and helps me work through all of it.

She is one of my prayer connections, a Prayer Warrior. In the path that I walk (the Red Path), finding someone who will be your prayer connection is important, because you’re trusting them to help you get through whatever it is you’re going through. You know they are there for you, fighting for you, wherever they are.

Connie does this automatically with anyone who comes to her asking for help. She becomes their Prayer Warrior.

Melody Musick

Reiki Master, Licensed Massage Therapist