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Module 1: Test Your Truth

This module has 3 parts. Below are the documents for the module and 3 videos:

True For You Testing
True For You Testing for Food
QEI Module 1 Homework

Part 1: True-For-You Testing


Part 2: Connecting Heaven & Earth

Part 3: Central Vessel Release

Part 1: Trapped Emotions

Part 2: Release Trapped Emotions

Part 3: Central & Governing Vessels

Part 1: Four Thumps Daily Exercise

Part 2: TFT Tapping

Part 3: TFT Tapping Sequence

Part 4: Simple PR

Module 4: Find Your Flow

Module 5: Connect To Your Chakras

Module 6: Build Better Balance

Module 7: Monitor Your Movement

Module 8: Live In Your Lightness