Coming Together for Planetary Peace (LIVE)- Digital CD


This is the LIVE recording of the Dallas premier of the program Coming Together for Planetary Peace, which will be presented at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake City, Utah on October 18, 2015.


  1. Welcome (1:18)
  2. Unbound – Space For Peace – Unbound (12:51)
  3. One Person at a Time – I Wouldn’t Be Surprised (5:42)
  4. Into the Oneness – Behold (6:58)
  5. Collective Intention for Peace – Spirit’s Prayer (4:26)
  6. Peace in Turmoil – Love Cover Me (5:52)
  7. Light in Your Heart – God in Everyone (8:36)
  8. A Force for Peace – One Heart (9:47)
  9. Your Point of Peace – Unbound (3:42)


Format: MP3 files (you can easily drag/import album folder into your iTunes or other media library) 

Total Duration: 59 minutes

The focus of this evening of music and meditation will be planetary peace. During the program we will hold the space for peace, acceptance and oneness with varying combinations of guided meditations, piano music, silence, and vocal performances to create an atmosphere of peace. When people feel peace in their hearts, they manifest it in their experience. This doesn’t mean that everybody thinks the same; it means that at least peace is possible. With that mentality, there will be limitless possibilities for reconciliation and coexistence in our world.


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