Meditations for Peace

As part of our 2015 Peace Initiative, we are posting a short meditation focused on Peace each day starting on International Peace Day: Monday, September 21, 2015. You will find these meditations here.
Point of Peace

Point of Peace


Today we commune with the Divine. It is your birthright. It is the place from which you came. It is a place of peace. This point of peace lives within you and stays constantly connected to your Divine Source.

It is a choice you make to engage with this point of Light to bring Its energy into your existence. There is an endless supply of peace, joy, compassion and goodness available to you. It only takes your engagement, your intention to be connected, for these divine energies to flood into your consciousness.

 Every moment of every day you may commune with your Divine Source and live from this point of Peace. Do it for a better life. And by living from your point of peace you will help make the world a more peaceful place.

Point of Peace



Today take a moment to reflect back on your life noticing how much you have changed and grown. Think of one area of your life that has benefitted from you changing your mind. Sometimes the biggest shifts come from releasing the most basic thoughts. Those simple thoughts could have been unquestioned beliefs handed down through generations that sat at the foundation of your belief system. Once you had a chance to see them and decide to release them, your whole view was free to shift and expand.

Give yourself credit for having the courage to do that, to challenge a belief system. Take time now to reflect back on the changes that decision brought into your life: the people; the feelings; the job opportunities; the peace; and your heightened awareness. It probably brought many existing situations to a close as well as opening up new horizons for you. The new you.

Be encouraged by your progress. Let this reflection motivate you to be intentional about continuing to expand your mind and opening your heart. The work you do for yourself you also do for the world.

Point of Peace

Who You Are

One point of our work up here is to constantly remind you on earth of who you are; where you came from; and where you will return. You are spiritual in nature. You choose to experience earth, you inhabit a physical form, then you continue on in your journey back to where you came from, The Realm of Love.

When you begin to acknowledge your spiritual component, things change in your life. This recognition lights up your spirit, which lifts your thought, which changes your actions. Things look different in life when viewed through a spiritual lens. All of a sudden you realize that you are working with an eternal timeline, not just a human lifetime.

That realization alone will affect how you see everything.

Point of Peace

Your Evolving Self


Are you are willing to look right into your heart to see what is there? This takes a tremendous amount of honesty to really ‘see’ your behaviors – your beliefs in action – in an objective light. Then do you have the willingness to let go of a belief that no longer serves you?

It takes a ton of courage to admit you are ‘wrong’ about something. In this steady process of personal evolution, it is not so much about you being wrong, as it is you having a deeper awareness of a situation that now suggests a different response from you.

Your new action can be one of acceptance, non-judgment, forgiveness or just deciding to not be attached to an outcome. Choosing a new response that reflects your evolving self can bring you peace.

Point of Peace

Light Station


You want to help make the world a better place. You can! Be a walking, talking energy station for the Light. Breathe it in.

Let your awareness be buoyed up by the energy of Goodness flooding into your system. Breathe right into your heartcenter expanding the feeling outward into the atmosphere. Take another breath with the intention of bringing more Goodness to the planet through you as a willing Light source.

Let the Light flow through you into the world’s energy field. This peaceful energy will raise your vibration and positively affect the energy fields around you. Everyone will benefit from your willingness to bring in more Light.

Point of Peace

Evolution 2


God, Source, is ever evolving with the expression of Its Creation.

 Open your mind to see if this idea resonates with you. If it does, let it stay there and see where it takes you. If it does not resonate with you, let it go. If it smacks you hard, you might want to take a look at what belief system it is hitting up against that you could explore/evaluate further. If there is a strong emotional reaction it means that there is a thought behind the emotion and a belief behind the thought that deserves to be seen. Perhaps it is time to take a look at a deep-seated belief.

 Choosing to release a belief that no longer serves you can bring you peace. You, too, are ever expanding and evolving.

Why Am I Doing This?

Q: I want a million people getting these messages daily because at that point we are really helping to make the world a more peaceful and tolerant place. How do we reach a million people?

A: You get there one person at a time. Remember that one person reading this message has an impact on mankind. Each one is a spiritual being; each one radiates light in their part of the world; each one contributes to the energetic vibration of man.

The more people that take these messages to heart, actually into their hearts, the bigger impact we can have on man. With enough people expressing the qualities of acceptance, non-judgment, and forgiveness, we begin to shift consciousness to a higher place, a more peaceful place. When people choose peace, they manifest it in their experience.

Choose peace.

Q: How do I choose peace when there is so much killing in the world around us?

A: You choose peace for your heart. You only have power over your own thoughts and actions. With enough people choosing peace, with each one raising their own vibration, you will reach a critical mass that has the power to lift man to a more peaceful place. The vibration will be high enough for man as a species to be able to make peaceful choices.

This doesn't mean that everybody thinks the same; it means that at least peace and coexistence are a possibility. With that mentality, there will be limitless possibilities of reconciliation and coexistence in our world.