Our mission is to raise the collective consciousness to peaceful coexistence

About The Studio

Connie Kean Studio was born in 1978 when Connie began teaching piano as a graduate student at Southern Methodist University. Her husband is a petroleum engineer, so they have moved all around the world with his jobs. In all the places they’ve lived, her teaching studio has followed.

The Connie Kean Studio has been located in Richardson TX, then Valencia CA, North Dallas TX, Jakarta Indonesia, East Plano TX, Marshalltown Iowa, Pittsburgh PA, Lakewood in Dallas TX, and finally in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida.

While it mainly served as a place to learn piano, Connie Kean Studio also has served as a calligraphy studio. In 2016, after 38 years of teaching piano, she shifted her focus to a healing practice. Today, Connie Kean Studio serves as a place to heal, learn, and find peace. 

Connie Kean

Connie is above all else a seeker of Truth. She has spent her life working to become closer to God, and has had many unique and eye opening experiences along her (continuing) journey.

Connie has been sought after by friends and strangers alike for decades for assistance with healing on physical, emotional, and energetic levels. She uses a mixture of Reiki, meditation, prayer, Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques and Though Field Therapy), teaching, and good old-fashioned listening. She loves working with her healing clients to help them make improvements in their lives.

Techniques & Certifications

  • Reiki Master since 1994
  • Tapping Certification
  • Currently Pursuing Eden Energy Medicine Certification
  • Prayer Practitioner since 2002


Also Incorporated

  • Breathing techniques
  • Energy release
  • Mantras
  • Meditation

Get To Know Me


I’ve been teaching my whole life. It started when my high school art teacher asked me to teach a ceramics class to middle school art students in the public school. I’ve been teaching ever since – from music and art to energy work. Pretty much anything I have mastered, I love sharing with others.


I’m married with 2 grown married children, and 2 grandchildren. I understand the power and growth potential of relationships. I believe that the most important human lessons come from relationships, and most often from our family members. I can’t begin to describe the lessons I have learned already in my lifetime from my parents, husband and children. I am grateful for all of them and the growth opportunities they have given me.

Religious Study

I was raised by a loving Methodist family in the Midwest. I loved growing up in the middle of the road Methodist Church because I learned all of the major principles of Christianity with none of the extremes. My curious mind wanted to know about other religions and I expanded into the Episcopalian/Anglican, Baptist, Unitarian Universalist, Unity, and Christian Science Churches. In fact I studied 13 years to become a Christian Science Practitioner. I was fascinated by the healing power of prayer as presented in the teachings of Christian Science. I have also studied Buddhism and the Tao De Ching to a great extent. Principles from all of these religions and belief systems are integral in my thought and approach to my practice. 

My Spiritual Journey

When It Started

My spiritual journey started as a child when I saw my grandmother as an angel sitting on a cloud. I understood at a very young age that there is more to life than what the eyes can see.

Father Mother God

As a child, I liked to think about “Father God” and “Mother Nature” as being married. When I heard the term “Father Mother God” as an adult, I felt like that perfectly described this Unity I believed to be true my whole life.

The Holy Spirit

I had the experience of the Holy Spirit in middle school when I was sitting in the choir loft in the Methodist Church during a revival service, and the Holy Spirit descended into my body. I was maybe 12… it was electrifying. So this goes way back. And there is no turning back from a profound experience with the Divine at such a young age.


I’ve always had people come to me and confide in me. Beginning in middle school and especially by high school, I subconsciously understood that I was supposed to be available to them and help them, and LOVE them.

How I Started Meditation

I started meditating in 1976 mostly for rest… to have more energy, but not in the energy sense I talk about now. Honestly it was to replace lack of sleep. What I found was it immediately connected me to another level of existence. I continued to practice meditation for the peace that it brought me, and for the excitement of exploring this other level of existence.

Loss & My Psychological Education

An important part of my journey as an adult was that my brother died when I was in graduate school in 1978. I was 22 years old. That was my first experience with someone crossing over. During my time of recovery, I was blessed with 2 years of sessions with Dr. Sell, a psychology professor at SMU where I was attending graduate school, and my journey of psychological expansion began. Under the guidance of Dr. Sell, I studied the greats of psychology, especially Maslow, to expand my consciousness.

Through this education, I was taught how to process really deep emotions including grief. I also learned how easy it is to have addictive behaviors dominate our lives when we’re in a place of deep pain. That tragic experience and the healing recovery gave me an awareness of many things I hadn’t encountered in my life up to that point.

My Reiki Journey

Reiki Symbol

Reiki Symbol

My Introduction to Reiki

In 1994, I had a near death experience with pneumonia. I was flying 30 thousand feet over the Pacific Ocean when my lungs filled up with fluid. I couldn’t breathe so I prayed for help. An angel appeared immediately to give me mouth to mouth resuscitation to help me breathe until the plane landed. I was in the hospital in Singapore for a week (emergency stop on the way home to Jakarta Indonesia where we lived at the time), and then was on 6 rounds of antibiotics over several months trying to get well.

A dear friend recommended that I meet her Reiki Master and consider getting an energy treatment from her since the medicines were not working very well. I was open to new ideas so I asked Yvonne for a treatment. I was amazed and uplifted by the experience. 

There is no doubt that the Reiki energy is what finally helped my body heal from the pneumonia. I knew after that first treatment that I wanted to become a Reiki Master. I thought, “Oh dear God, I want to be just like Yvonne” – because the Reiki energy seems like magic when you don’t know what’s happening.  I just knew that I had to learn everything I could about this intelligent, miraculous energy and how it works.


Reiki Master Certification

It started with Level 1 Training and loved it so much I wanted to take Level 2 as soon as my teacher would let me (there’s usually a break in between levels). My teacher agreed to put me on a one year course of study to become a Reiki Master, because she could tell how committed I was to learning how to use the energy. This was a very transformative year in my life.

I paid $10,000 for my Master certification in 1994, which was a year long… and the reason I share that amount of money is because now people can get a Master certification over the weekend, and that is NOT the experience I had. I met with my Reiki Master every week for a year… working with her, studying the material she gave me, reporting back to her, and treating others with the Reiki energy.

It was a life-changing year being exposed to so many new ideas. I am still amazed at how the energy allows the body to heal itself by freeing the body’s natural resources and its innate healing abilities.

My study of Reiki was accompanied by a few other disciplines: I delved deep into Eastern traditions through the intensive study of Hatha Yoga; and studied meditation with an instructor from India.