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About The Studio

Connie Kean Studio was born in 1978 when I began teaching piano as a graduate student at Southern Methodist University. My husband is a petroleum engineer, so we’ve moved all around the world with his jobs. In all the places we’ve lived, my teaching studio has followed.

The Connie Kean Studio has been located in Richardson, then Valencia CA, North Dallas TX, Jakarta Indonesia, East Plano TX, Marshalltown Iowa, Pittsburgh PA, and finally Lakewood in Dallas TX.

While it mainly served as a place to learn piano, Connie Kean Studio also has served as a calligraphy studio. In 2016, after 38 years of teaching piano, I shifted my focus to a healing practice. Today, Connie Kean Studio serves as a place to heal, learn, and find peace.

Our mission is to raise the collective consciousness to a place of peaceful coexistence.

IMG_3504 cropAbout Connie

Connie is above all else a seeker of Truth. She has spent her life working to become closer to God, and has had many unique and eye opening experiences along her (continuing) journey.

She has traveled the world and studied many of its major religions. During her time in Asia, she earned the certification of Reiki Master. She taught piano around the world to students of all ages for 37 years, recently closing her piano studio yet remaining a teacher at heart.

Connie has been sought after by friends and strangers alike for decades for assistance with healing on physical, emotional, and energetic levels. She uses a mixture of Reiki, meditation, prayer, Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques and Though Field Therapy), teaching, and good old-fashioned listening. She loves working with her healing clients to help them make improvements in their lives.

Speaking is another passion of Connie’s. She is open and seeking speaking engagements throughout the country to any organization or group interested in her areas of expertise and experience.

One of her current focuses is channeling the straightforward and non-religious teachings of Jesus through her strong, long-time connection with him as an Ascended Master. These writings can be found at

If you are interested in talking with Connie, please don’t hesitate to contact her here.